BMB Jewels

Inspired by the beauty and energy of the natural elements, BMB Jewels is featured by it's lightness and originality. The cutout and texture from the leaves of the trees, the star power and it's symbology; The colors of the flowers and petals, and the force and elegance of the wild animals constitute the inspiration of the colections. All these natural elements get involved in the women's nature to elevate and strengthen it.

The careful selection of precious stones that best match gold and silver make their creations unique and unforgettable.

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O Atelier

A space located in the tradicional zone of Oporto - o Aviz - where you breathe beauty and romanticism until the tiny detail. The unique and delicate pieces of gold, silver and precious stones merge into the gold used in the decorative details, becoming a perfect symbiosis between BMB colections and the studio that welcomes them.


A Designer

BMB Jewels is the culmination of a dream of the desire to create a brand that conveys elegance and glamor to the women's world.

It's unique noble colors pieces stand out for their elegance, originality and delicacy. The same features that costumize Bárbara Borda and reflect passion and strong emotions on her creations.